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Happy New Year! [Dec. 31st, 2003|05:29 pm]
[Current Mood |headachey]
[Current Music |Dave Matthews Band]

Well, I wish everyone a fun night filled with plenty of debauchery. Don't do anything I wouldn't do ;) Happy New Year!

hew years fun

(If this picture isn't showing up, blame my image host.)
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Submission. [Dec. 30th, 2003|03:05 pm]
[Current Mood |hornyhorny]
[Current Music |Depeche Mode]

I've been told more than once that I look like a dominatrix (whatever that means), but I much prefer to be submissive. The level of submission varies... when I'm in the mood for particularly rough & dirty sex, I like to be slapped around and have my hair pulled and my ass spanked. I like to be completely ravaged in every hole and having the man (or woman for that matter) tell me exactly what to do. Call me a bitch, call me a hot slut... if you're doing it while fucking me hard from behind and pulling my hair, I'll love every minute of it. Sadly, though, I've only had one guy who was capable of doing this. Most men are too timid, but he wasn't afraid to shove my mouth on his cock, slap my hands away, and tell me to take it all in...

For the timid guys, I play the role of an innocent little girl. They tell me how to move, how to lay, where to put my mouth, how to ride their cocks... They know full well that I'll do anything they want me to, all accompanied by wide-eyed innocence and the overwhelming desire to please them completely.

My latest fantasy, though, is submissive in a different way... it involves myself, another girl, and a man. The man is the dominant one, telling the girl and I exactly what to do. He starts by telling us how to undress each other, and continues on until we have fingered, 69ed, and licked each other to the point of orgasm. He doesn't get to lay a hand on either of us until we've made each other cum... then we reward him by double-teaming him with a blowjob. After that, he totally has his way with us, taking turns fucking one of us while the other does whatever he tells her to do... sits on his face or the other girl's face, gives a rim job or 2, sucks on the girl's nipples, fucks herself with a dildo... anything the guy wants to see. It all ends, of course, with the guy shooting his load all over my & the other girl's tits and then directing us to lick it off of each other. It sounds so porno, but I guess that's just what I like ;)

The only problem is... I have nobody to help me make it come true :(
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Porno Chicks. [Dec. 29th, 2003|06:02 pm]
[Current Music |David Bowie]

There's nothing like lesbian porn after a good kickboxing workout. Something about punching and kicking and working up a sweat makes me so hot.

While I'm rather small (I'm 5'2" and my breasts teeter between an A and B cup), I tend to prefer the Pamela Anderson look when it comes to porn. I like the exaggerrated woman... huge tits, big blonde hair, shaved pussies.... basically, Barbie personified. Sylvia Saint, Brianna Banks, Jenna Jameson... I love them all. Especially when they're fucking each other ;) In real life, though, those girls intimidate me. I used to be friends with this girl Missy... she and I would mess around... she has the body of Britney Spears and the face of Jennifer Aniston. Fucking gorgeous. She just emailed me and told me that she moved to Pittsburgh... that's not very far from me... maybe we can meet up and have some fun...

Until then, though, I'll go satisfy myself with cheesy-hot lesbian porn like the No Man's Land series. Feel free to email me some hot porn to finger myself to. I'm always looking for something new to turn me on ;)
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Early morning blow jobs. [Dec. 29th, 2003|01:53 pm]
Last night, I ended up at my house with a friend, a bottle of whiskey, and a stocking full of liquor. After a few shots too many, I insisted that he stay at my house (my intentions were pure, I swear.) I also insisted that he sleep in my bed with me, rather than on my floor. We fell right asleep, but I woke up after about an hour and I was so horny that my pussy was practically dripping. Rather than wake him up, I just quietly stripped off my pajamas (haha, what seduction :P) and tried to go back to sleep. Just as I had dozed off again, he rolled over and discovered that I was completely naked. I guess he got the hint because he immediately ran his hands over my body, stopping at my breasts. I put my hands over his, directing him to play with and pinch my nipples.

After all the nipple play and my quiet moans had gotten him so aroused that I could feel him poking me through his pants, I rolled over and got on top of him. He sat up and, after a bit of kissing, I directed his mouth to my nipples. I can almost orgasm from nipple play alone, but I'm not quite there yet. I love having them bitten and sucked very hard, though. They're always cherry-red when I'm through ;) He tried to move his hand between my legs, but I stopped him because I wanted to suck his cock so bad. I told him that I'd take care of the both of us.

I then proceeded to suck him off while fingering myself. I'm proud to say that this guy has about an 8-inch cock and I took every bit in ;) I ended up finishing myself first, but the sounds I was making must've pushed him over the edge because he came in my mouth not even a minute later.

We had no trouble sleeping after that ;)
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Intro. [Dec. 27th, 2003|12:47 pm]
I am a 20-year-old girl who is currently exploring every aspect of her sexuality. Why? Because I can. I gave a big 'fuck you' to your average American morals quite some time ago.

Online: I like to flirt, talk about sex, exchange porn pictures, roleplay, cybersex, and anything else you can think of. I'm pretty much 'no holds barred' online. Email me (I love getting erotic emails), IM me, catch me on Yahoo... it's your call.

Offline: I am very cautious about meeting people for sex. I like to get to know them online for a bit, then meet them in a public place a few times. If we decide that we like each other and trust each other, the fun may begin! I like guys, girls, and any combination of the 2. Having an orgy/sex party/ fetish ball? I'm in! ;)

(And I always use condoms and get tested every 6 months. No STDs for me, thankyouplease!)

Email me if you want a description of how I look (pictures will come in good time, love... I'll send plenty [maybe even nude] after I talk to you a few times), what I like, or any other questions you may have for me.
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